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Posted by Lina Bifano

5 Important Foundations Of A SEO-Friendly Website Design

5 Important Foundations Of A SEO-Friendly Website Design


When you are running a business in this fast and competitive digital world, your competitors will monitor every move you make. Irrespective of what customer base you have so far, the main competition is online. You may have a website but receive no online traffic for it and question what exactly the problem is? To ensure online visibility, you need to first build the proper foundation for your website’s SEO.

By following the tips below, you can improve your website’s SEO and ultimately its visibility.

  1. It needs to be Responsive

    It is a rule of thumb that every business should have a responsive website design, especially local businesses. Choosing the best local SEO services to stay competitive in mobile searches is very important. A survey from Boston, Massachusetts showed that 50% of users in Boston who perform a local search on mobile devices, visit that store within a day of their search. This study also showed that 78% of these searches lead to offline purchases.

  2. Optimized Content

    The 2nd most important step in getting more traffic is to optimize your website content. SEO is all about getting found by your prospective clients with the help of keywords. Therefore, it’s important to place your content and keywords in the right location on each page. Here are some of the best positions where you can utilize your keywords effectively:

    - Title Tag

    - Meta Description and Keywords

    - Website Slogans

    - Navigation

    - Footer Links

    - H1, H2, and H3 Tags

    - Bullet Points

    While doing this, make sure you have selected a set of keywords that will generate quality b2b leads for your business.

  3. Optimized Website Images

    Images are often an overlooked aspect of SEO and website optimization. However, a digital marketing company that offers the best local SEO services knows the importance of images within the foundation of an SEO-friendly website. In order to improve the load time of your website, you need to optimize these images, making sure to keep the images’ file size as small as possible so that mobile visitors can experience faster loading time.

  4. SEO-Friendly Navigation

    Having search engine friendly navigation means forming a structure that search engines can follow. Many business owners make the mistake of creating various links within the drop-down menus, which can appear messy and can be frustrating to navigate. A professional website design company will always recommend supersized drop-down menus that open in one convenient panel, allowing the website to display all of your links in an organized manner.

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  5. Social Media

    Social media should always be a part of your SEO strategy. Building relationships and interacting with your prospective customers can always help to build your brand enormously. Not only will it give you exposure but it also helps to build a trusted community and gain credibility. This ultimately affects your website performance on search engines, as customers tend to share through social media the positive experiences that they have.

    With these core foundations in place for your website, you’ll have peace of mind in knowing that the website that you've spent time and money on is now a top contender for search engine visibility. If not, then it’s time for you to find a professional website design company in Massachusetts that can help.

    Lore Digital Marketing is a preferred website design company in Boston, Massachusetts that can help you to set a strong foundation to start with global or local SEO Services. We not only help you to design an SEO-friendly website but our well-researched local SEO services ensure the best returns on your investment.

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