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Posted by Lina Bifano

Social Media Marketing in Boston for Local Business Success

Social Media for Local Marketing Success


Today, social media channels have become the most powerful platforms to attract customers. People are constantly searching the products and services online for their needs. Additionally, people migrated to social media channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and Instagram. With the rise of social media’s popularity, there was a rise in social media marketing for all industries.

Sensing the need and the power of social media, the majority of businesses started hiring social media marketing services, especially local businesses who wanted more exposure. Social media is a platform that connects businesses with their target audience through engaging content, images and videos.

Why Social Media Marketing is important for Small Businesses?

There are many reasons why social media marketing is important. But, it is important, especially for the growing businesses.
Following are the reasons why businesses need to implement social media strategies.

Elevation of visitors:

Nowadays, most of the time, people use one or multiple social media channels. Therefore, social media marketing has quickly become the primary means to increase visitors to the websites and attract potential customers.

Personal engagement:

Social media channels are the medium for a business and customers to connect directly with each other. It helps to increase customer loyalty as you communicate your brand’s image and product specifications one-on-one with the audience. The successful social media strategy uses all the functions of the social media which engages the followers. Social media is the only platform where people act, react, and interact freely. In fact, many businesses use social media for after sales service and customer support too.

Easy mobile accessibility:

All of us use smartphones to access social media. Mobile devices are the powerful tool to share website content on social media with millions of people. Social media experts plan social media strategy accordingly. Their goal? To generate the maximum number of leads with the help of social media.

How Can Social Media Marketing Services Help Your Business?

  1. After you are convinced on ‘why’, let’s look at ‘how’ social media marketing can help a growing business.
  2. All local products and services can be directly marketed via social media channels on a global scale.
  3. You can spread awareness of the brand and product locally as well as globally to widen your business reach.
  4. Creating a strong social image of your business with the help of social media marketing services, will automatically help your business to create a strong and reputable impression locally.
  5. By personalizing the user interaction on social media, you can develop a strong relationship and trust with your potential customers.
  6. Using social media as a platform to provide after sales service and support which creates the opportunities of repeat business with existing customers. This transparency in communicating with the existing customers can help you to attract new customers.
  7. An effective social media marketing strategy increases the number of local visitors to your website.
  8. A local social media expert focuses on maximizing traffic, local sales, they will help improve your website ranking on a search engine.

If you are one of the growing businesses, then you must implement digital marketing strategies to become a leader in today’s cut-throat business competition.

We, at Lore Digital - a digital marketing company in Boston, have helped every domain industry with the social media marketing services. We have our innovative social media marketing team that are well-versed in planning and executing strong social media marketing strategies.

Lina Bifano

About The Author Lina Bifano

Lina Bifano is the Vice President at Lore Digital and has worked to help businesses achieve their goals through digital marketing solutions. Her extensive knowledge and solid background make for a unique and witty commentary that's both relatable and educational.

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