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Posted by Sam

Should I Hire a Digital Marketing Agency or an In-House Team?

Digital Marketing Agencies vs. In-House Teams


Common question for all businesses is whether to hire a digital marketing agency or use an in-house marketing team. It’s a tough call to make since businesses have to increase sales to maintain profit margins. The answer to this question might be considered biased from a digital marketing company. However, after considering the practical facts and bottlenecks of marketing, we'd like to share some information that may help you make the right decision.

Identifying the Bottleneck

Let’s consider two situations.

  • If you’re a start-up:

    When you're a start-up, you definitely look for candidates who can handle all your digital marketing activities. While onboarding a single person is possible, it becomes a question of quality. Digital marketing consists of different activities, ranging from website optimization and SEO to paid campaigns. Is one person skilled enough in all aspects of marketing to fill all of these shoes at once? If yes, then you’ve hired a gem. If not, you’ll end up compromising with the productivity.

  • If you’re an established business:

    The good thing about running an established business is you have the luxury to hire different candidates with different sets of digital marketing skills. In that case, you can expect quality output from each specialized digital marketing activity. But how long will it last? Most businesses don’t require a Google AdWords campaign expert, a designer, and a Facebook manager throughout the entire year, even if they would definitely benefit from all of those roles. Although most online marketers are extremely creative, working on redundant tasks often creates boredom. Thus, you’ll end up investing in resources that might only require a few hours or a few days worth of work, which hurts efficiency.

Justifying the Answer

After understanding the major bottleneck, we'd like to justify the answer with some of the practical benefits of outsourcing your digital marketing activities.

  • Cost-effective Investment:

    We mentioned that hiring full-time resources with different skill sets for only a few days’ work turns out expensive. Besides this, the machines, software, and tools required for digital marketing activities adds to a company's expense. Digital marketing agencies, meanwhile, already have the experts and the software needed for each activity.

  • Maintain Your Existing Efficiency:

    Businesses, in order to avoid investing in new resources, often delegate marketing responsibilities to existing employees. It might turn out to be an extremely cost-effective solution. However, the employee now needs to spend time to focus on another task, which takes time out of their usual daily tasks. This will ultimately affect your day-to-day productivity, put pressure on your employees, and lower employee morale. Digital marketing companies, meanwhile, understand the effective ways to ensure ROI from your digital marketing strategy.

  • Staying Up-to-Date With Trends:

    In digital marketing companies, employees usually share their ideas and the latest trends with their peers to keep themselves updated with the industry. You'll probably miss this advantage when you have a single marketer or a small team within the company. For instance, it’s necessary to know the effective ways to create brand awareness and sustain brand loyalty.

When all is said and done, whether hiring an in-house team or a digital marketing agency, both require a substantial investment. Thus, before you make the decision, it’s necessary for you to analyze your business, understand your budget, and determine the most optimal choice.

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