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Posted by Sam

Easy Ways To Maximize ROI From Your Digital Marketing Strategy

4 Effective Ways to Ensure ROI from Your Digital Marketing Strategy


Investing your money into digital marketing has become a necessity to increase your customer base and ultimately generate leads. More businesses today set aside a substantial budget for digital marketing. It's important to know how much you should invest, and prior to that, where you should plan to invest. You need to make sure that your investments should give you good returns in terms of leads.

While designing a digital marketing strategy, B2C businesses need to constantly follow the latest changes in consumer buying behavior. B2B digital marketing strategies, on the other hand, need thorough research to understand the right approach. Thus, it becomes necessary for both the businesses to know the right digital marketing channels before investing dollars in digital marketing activities.

Below, we've listed 4 effective methods to ensure quality returns on your digital marketing investment, complete with client case studies and recommended marketing channels.

Brand Awareness and Reach

It's important to let your audience know that you exist. You need to reach your target audience to express what your brand is all about. While creating brand awareness, make sure that you convey your message clearly and honestly. If you don't describe your brand accurately, you might lose the opportunity to enter the online market right away. Reach your audience where they spend the most time. Let them know that you share common interests with straightforward language.

  1. Case Study:

    One of our clients from Massachusetts was new to the weight loss industry and wanted to create a brand identity. Since they had entered into an already saturated marketplace, they wanted to reach a mass audience in a short period of time. After thorough industry research, our social media experts designed a consumer-focused social media strategy. The strategy's successful execution resulted in a strong brand identity at the start of their business cycle.

  2. Best Channel: Social Media

    Social media is the ideal medium to spread brand awareness. You can reach a huge set of target audiences quickly. For B2C business, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram will do the trick. For B2B businesses, Facebook and LinkedIn are the best platforms to reach your target audience. This also allows you convey tailored messages to specific groups.


Engagement Rates

Now that you know how you can reach your target audience, it's necessary to keep them engaged with your brand. To do so effectively, you need to understand your audience, including their interests and what they would search to make a purchase. Offer them what they want rather than what you'd like to offer. It's essential for your audience to find you when searching for information pertaining to your industry.

  1. Case Study:

    After successful implementation of a social media strategy, the weight loss company we helped was successful in conveying its message to the masses. Our next milestone was encouraging the target audience to interact with the brand. Letting an audience know what our clients do is generally an easy task. However, our aim this time was to keep the audience engaged with the brand. Our team of researchers, content writers, and designers nailed this goal by offering fresh, interactive content and informative videos.

  2. Best Channel: Content and Video Marketing

    Multi-media content is the heart of digital marketing. Video marketing has only recently been under the spotlight. Overall, offering content like infographics, reviews, and statistics is one way to engage your target audience. Videos, meanwhile, can be more expressive, since they tell a compelling story and showcase your brand.

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Lead Generation

The ultimate objective of every business's digital marketing activities is to generate more leads for your sales team. Digital Marketing allows you to reach a wider audience and fuel your lead generation funnel. Once you succeed in creating brand awareness and engagement, lead generation becomes much easier.

    1. Case Study:

      Success in creating brand awareness & engagement is only the first half of digital marketing. These steps make the path to marketing success easier by implementing the foundations for lead generation. Our marketing and SEO experts worked together to execute a tailored digital marketing strategy for our client, the weight loss company. As a result, we succeeded in generating, on average, 2000 leads per month. With the help of remarketing, we were also able to capture website visitors who would've otherwise left without converting into leads.

    2. Best Channel: Remarketing

      Remarketing is the process of chasing your website visitors who haven't yet converted into leads. It involves using display ads wherever they browse online. Show them relevant ads as they continue to surf the web. While doing so, don't make them land on the same page from where they left. Instead, use the ads to expose them to the other areas of your website that might help them make the buying decision. Pitching them an offer could be an effective option while retargeting.

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Brand Loyalty

What's the difference between brand awareness and brand loyalty? While many people look at both the terms the same way, there's a thin line that sets them apart. Brand awareness will help you drum up new business. Brand loyalty, meanwhile, will not only help you gain new business but will also ensure repeat business. With brand awareness, it's equally important to know the effective ways to create and sustain brand loyalty through digital marketing.

    1. Case Study:

      Our marketing research team studied that the most important thing in a weight loss industry is client retention and personal recommendations. Considering the nature of the business, we came to the conclusion that people find user-generated content more credible than content by the company itself. So, we asked the weight loss company to share some of its success stories through testimonials, case studies, and videos.

    2. Best Channel: Website and Mobile App

      Promoting case studies on your website shows the success stories that your company has already delivered. It serves as credible content to generate business. Make sure visitors to your website can find case studies and testimonials easily and often on your website. In the end, reviews and ratings are the features that'll help customers make their final decision. Mobile App can be another way to increase brand loyalty. You can run some loyalty programs for your mobile app users like offering discounts on their birthdays, Anniversary, etc.

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      As a result of our digital marketing, today the weight loss company is running 6 more weight loss centers across Massachusetts, with increased lead generation every month. Want to bring your business out of its shell? At Lore Digital Marketing, we've helped many businesses succeed despite originally having a limited reach. As a preferred digital marketing company in MA, we will help you to develop a result-driven digital marketing strategy depending upon your nature of the business.


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