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Posted by Sam

5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs A Mobile App

With the rising market of mobile application development, apps are now an integral part of every business, regardless of the company's size or industry. If you think that mobile apps are only suited for big name brands, think again. Today, more and more small and medium enterprises are investing in mobile apps for their business.

The following elements are the most valuable to include in business apps:

  • Customer loyalty features, to provide rewards to customers who are devoted to the business.
  • Social networking, to direct customers to other platforms associated with the company.
  • Push notifications, to allow businesses to keep close contact with news, updates, deals, etc.
  • Personalization, to personalize interactions and engage customers through location alerts, convenience, and easy-to-access payment systems.

If you’re not sure about whether to invest in a mobile application development or stay satisfied with a mobile-friendly website, then here are 5 reasons why your business could use its own mobile app.

  1. Be Visible To Customers At All Times

    Studies show that average Americans spend more than three hours a day on their mobile devices. People might only use a handful of apps, some of which they not use daily. However, being available for your audience can still be an advantage to your business. Our minds unconsciously record every image and text we come across.

  2. Apps as a Direct Marketing Channel

    Custom mobile application development serves many functions. For example, apps can provide general info, prices, booking forms, search features, user profiles, messages, news feeds, and much more. Apps can be your direct marketing channel for special sales and promotional offers. Push notifications, especially, give you the best chance for a direct interaction. As a result, apps have become a useful trend to remind users about your products and services.

    As mentioned in our last blog - 5 signs of investing in a website redesign, it’s important to accept and follow web trends before it’s too late.

  3. Showcasing Your Products and Services

    You can emphasize your products and services on a mobile app. This allows mobile users visiting your app to have instant access and gives you a chance to provide the best user experience to a mobile audience.

    Mobile-Friendly Website Design: The Right Approach for Startups

  4. Partnering With Other Businesses

    Associating with other similar businesses helps you boost traffic. Make a list of other similar local businesses and team up to form a mobile ad exchange program among yourselves. This proves to be a win-win situation for all companies involved, leading to mutual benefit and increased profits.

  5. Provide Value To Your Customers

    Beat the competition and stay one step ahead by taking your loyalty program online. Instead of sticking to the old point-collection card, make it possible for your customers to collect their rewards via your mobile app. It’s time to go back to making a true and sincere connection with your customers.

    Creating an app can help businesses of all sizes evolve with their increasingly mobile-centric customers. Keep in mind that mobile phones are now the primary medium for all types of communications. Businesses that embrace this technology guarantee a growing customer base.

    Lore Digital Marketing is one of the top mobile application development companies in Massachusetts. Our mobile application development services include both Android and iOS apps development. If you want to access your business at your fingertips, we’ll help you to get there.

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About The Author Sam

Sam is the president at Lore Digital Marketing focused on growth strategies, brand building and inbound marketing excellence for clients across industries. He is HubSpot certified inbound marketer, business leader, and MarTech adviser. Sam is passionate about developing and implementing strategies using effective marketing tools that impact marketing & sales, improve ROI and create inspiring brands.

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