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Posted by Sam

How Voice Search Will Change Local SEO Strategy

How Voice-Based Searches Are Impacting Local SEO


Many industry experts have already confirmed that the number of people using "Voice" to search online is rising, and its use is consistently increasing among those users. Sundar Pichai – Google CEO has clearly stated that "more than 20% of mobile queries are voice searches." As people have started changing the way they search on their smartphones, it is natural that it will impact local SEO.

Why Voice Search?

Almost 93% of people find it easier to communicate verbally than to type on a desktop, laptop, or smartphone. With the continuous rise in smartphone users, search engines came up with a technology called Google Assistant (also, Cortana, Google Now and Siri) which many people now use on a regular basis.

Google Voice Search using mobile phones is making life even more convenient, as it works faster and provides information quicker. Today, Voice Search enables users to search for information on-the-go, it avoids keywords, and the difficulty of typing text to search for information in a search engine.

The Rise of Question-Based Searches

Whenever users find information using a search engine, they use words that are referred to as "keywords" to search for information. For example, if someone is looking to buy shoes online, they might type in "athletic shoes", "formal shoes", or "casual shoes" in the Google search bar.

With the help of Voice Search, users do not use keywords or search for information again and again in the search engine bar to get relevant results. With the help of voice-based searches, there will be a rise in question-based information using – What, Who, How, When, and Where.

For instance,

  • Which online store is best for sports shoes?
  • Where can I buy formal shoes in Massachusetts?

It is reasonable to assume that Voice Search is going to be the future and will influence SEO strategies from now on. Therefore, it is essential to refine SEO strategies. For local businesses to get higher rankings on mobile-oriented sites, they will need to incorporate voice-based SEO.

The Appearance of Conversational Queries

SEO for Voice Search begins with conversational content. Google gives more preference to the original content than spammy content. For SEO campaigns to be successful, targeted keywords should be incorporated in such a way that it preserves originality in the content.

The content should be so naturally optimized, that if someone is searching for any information via Voice Search, the search engine will provide the user with an automatic response instantly. Many companies have already refined and improved their SEO strategies to facilitate this. Thus, errors have been reduced from 25% to 8%, according to a USA Today report.

Opportunities for Local SEO

The use of Voice Search via mobile devices is growing, and the scope of local SEO is huge. Northstar Research reported that 55% of teenagers use Voice Search every single day, while 56% of adults are using it daily.

According to comScore, by 2020, 50% of searches will be Voice Searches. For this reason, local SEO service companies have changed SEO strategies and now optimize SEO more naturally. It is more effective to use the longer key phrases that people normally use in conversation. This will humanize your content and ultimately your business will benefit from Voice Searches.

Would you like to know more about Voice Search and its impact on SEO? Are you unsure how to incorporate voice-based searches in your SEO strategy? Would you like to know which SEO strategies will work for Voice Search users?

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