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How will Responsive Website Design Benefit from SEO

How a Responsive Website Design Benefits From SEO?


Today, approximately 83% of people shopping online use a mobile search engine. For this reason, Google is focusing on providing the best user experience for mobile-friendly websites. Google is continuously enhancing and introducing new technology to improve the experience quality for mobile users.

A responsive website design and SEO efforts go hand-in-hand. SEO brings visitors to the web page and a responsive website provides users with the best possible website experience.

What is a Responsive Website Design (RWD)?

A responsive website design provides an optimal viewing experience for website users and are user-friendly on multiple devices. In other words, a website is designed in such a way that a user can easily access it on various devices, for example, a desktop, laptop, mobile device, or tablet. The website will respond accordingly to fit the size of the screen on any device.

Why Have a Responsive Website?

Today, about 83% of smartphone users go online to purchase products or services. As the number of searches done on mobile devices increases rapidly, it has become vital for businesses to create a website that responds to the screen size of any device and functions properly across multiple devices.

SEO Benefits of RWD

A responsive website is easy for search engines to “crawl” and index the content. Google now considers a responsive web design an important factor and is highly recommended that all websites be responsive.

Faster Load Time

The time it takes to load a page impacts the user experience. Responsive websites load very quickly, in just 1 or 2 seconds, as they do not require any redirects. The result is that responsive websites load for their audiences faster.

Decreased Bounce Rate

The page elements, including content, automatically scales to the size of the screen. This scaling makes websites responsive and therefore user-friendly and efficient for smartphone users. This method improves search engine visibility, which in turn helps reduce the bounce rate.

Lower Chances of Duplicate Content

Even if there are mobile and desktop versions of a website, they are still both standalone websites, and won’t be affected by Panda. This eliminates the problem of creating unique content for both a mobile and desktop website because, according to Google, they are entirely separate entities.

Improve Mobile Search Rankings

Searches done on mobile devices will soon outnumber the searches done on desktop devices. Because of this, Google has already started favoring sites that are optimized for mobile devices. Responsive websites will help you rank better for a mobile search and will attract more relevant traffic to your website.

Social Share Growth

Social media is one of the most powerful, compelling platforms to increase website traffic and generate leads for your business. Responsive websites are considered the best solution to increase social media referrals.

Cost Effective

Responsive websites work for multiple devices. It’s necessary to develop your website so it’s easy to navigate, has easy to read content, contains images, and will reconfigure its format depending on the device that’s displaying the website. It requires less time, resources, and effort to create and develop a responsive website with multiple pages suitable for all devices, than it is to build various websites suitable for each device. Overall, it’s more cost effective to build responsive websites.

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