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Posted by Sam

Questions to Ask While Choosing a Web Design Company

6 Important Questions to Ask When Approaching a Web Design Company


We often get a lot of question from people who are looking for a website design company or digital services. We answer all their questions whether or not they work with us. We understand that before they invest their money, they want to evaluate and choose the best web design company.

While answering these questions, we noticed that the majority of inquirers don’t know where to start or what to ask. For many, this their first time purchasing a website. However, a sales executive doesn't understand your concerns and will give you limited information required to sell a website.

The people who approach us for redesigning their website are often the ones who have faced a bad experience with their previous vendor. While evaluating vendors for web design, they come more prepared. However, we could notice that the question is often asked out of frustration or only related to their bad experience.

We ensure our clients are educated in the different types of website options available to them and hat will work best for their company. There are certain questions that should be asked during every meeting in order for a client to make sure they're working with a vendor that they can trust.

    • Do You Provide Custom Design Websites Or Use Pre-Made Templates?

      Often web design companies keep both options available to meet the needs of their clients. Some businesses have a specific design or customization in mind, so they want a website with a unique look and functionality. A lot of customization means creating a website from scratch. Other businesses only want to have an online presence and opt for a cost-saving, template-based website that can be customized. Discuss your website needs and ask for a price comparison of the two before making your decision.

    • Will My Website Be Compatible With Smartphones And Other Devices?

      With a growing number of mobile searches, mobile-friendly and responsive websites are a must for businesses. Check for their web design references for mobile devices. It is necessary that your website should offer a good user-experience across all devices, whether it’s a smartphone, tablet, or other mobile devices.

    • Can I Update, Add Content, and Images on My Website Myself?

      In the future, you'll want to add/edit the content and images on your website. Updating the content from your end is always a good option rather than paying your web design vendor for every tiny change. We often recommend our clients have a content management system for their website. Be sure to ask your vendor if they have a CMS or how content will be updated.

    • What Would You Change About My Current Website?

      Asking a web design company about their thoughts on how to improve your current website is always a good thing. You will get an idea of how the agency thinks and their plans for your website. Also, it's a quick and easy way to make sure that the web design agency is taking interest in your website or it’s just another deal for them. Listen closely to their suggestion, the scope of improvement for your website, the explanations the web design company gives for what they would change, and their reasons to bring that change.

    • What Will Be the Process, Cost, and Time to Complete My Website Design?

      We have heard people with existing websites saying their existing vendor, for some reason, is not responding, or slow to deliver the website. Some web design agencies try to close the deal offering a lower price and at the end of the project you end up spending more than what you actually agreed upon. Set your standards and expectations up front, make sure there’s no hidden costs, ask them the time required to complete the project, and get it in writing.

      We, as a reputed web design company, ensure a seamless project execution and will deliver it on time. After all, we aim to maintain a long-term relationship with our clients.

    • Do You Have an Annual Maintenance Contract for Future Assistance?

      This one aligns closely with the 1st point. If you decide to rely on a Web Design Company for any changes in the future, make sure they offer annual maintenance. Make sure you know up front what you will be charged for in the future - some agencies will charge for every small change, while others don't charge unless there's a substantial new addition to the website that requires substantial time to complete. If you have a database on your website, make sure your web design vendor includes a website backup in the Annual Maintenance Contract. We ensure complete transparency in pricing and the scope of work for our clients.

You're investing a lot of money get the best web design services for your business. It should be a pleasurable process and a win-win situation for both. By asking these questions, you'll ensure a long-term and seamless relationship with your web design company and won't be hit with unexpected fees.

"Creative & User-Friendly Websites are Affordable & Attainable with The Right Team."

If you’re planning on investing in a business website design or website redesign, we always offer complimentary, no-obligation consultations.

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