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Posted by Sam

The Rise of Video Marketing and How It Affects Your Business

The Rise Of Video Marketing And How It Affects Your Business


Video marketing is changing the way businesses execute their marketing strategy. Today, video marketing is one of the hottest topics trending among entrepreneurs. Studies show that online videos will get 55% of the total consumed online traffic in 2016. 96% of B2B organizations use online videos in their marketing strategy. Video marketing campaigns often result in increasing a businesses ROI.

Provide Company Insight through Videos (Branding)

People love to find out about a company's backstory, latest news, upcoming products, and services. Online video marketing makes it easy for a business to share their brand story, information, engage, and connect with their audience to build long term relationships through real-time storytelling.

People enjoy watching videos. About 65% of consumers watch videos that last longer than 30 minutes. It creates the opportunity to develop a strong brand presence and increase business profits.

Video Marketing is on the Rise

The marketing demand for online videos is growing in the industry. Video marketing is exploding in the business world. It is considered as the best medium to educate consumers and build an emotional connection.

Helps Branding

Video marketing is not just for websites. It is effective for social media channels too. About 95% of the U.S population surfs social media sites where 77% of them watch online videos. Video marketing helps every brand to reach their targeted audiences through social media channels.

Multi-Channel Video Distribution

YouTube was the original video sharing platform. Today, there are many other social media channels for sharing videos, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc. These platforms connect every brand with their audiences through online videos!

Today, consumers are on every social media channel. A video marketing strategy can help businesses target their audiences in more meaningful ways. Best of all, videos can be easily shared across different channels reaching a wider spectrum of the audience!

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About The Author Sam

Sam is the president at Lore Digital Marketing focused on growth strategies, brand building and inbound marketing excellence for clients across industries. He is HubSpot certified inbound marketer, business leader, and MarTech adviser. Sam is passionate about developing and implementing strategies using effective marketing tools that impact marketing & sales, improve ROI and create inspiring brands.