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Posted by Sam

Top 3 Reasons - Why Digital Marketing is Going Local?

The Top 3 Reasons Digital Marketing is Going Local


With the growing popularity of buying local products and supporting your community, local businesses are becoming more popular, though this wasn’t always the case. In the past, big businesses were more frequently targeting the global market with the help of digital marketing services, as this was easily accessible to businesses making a high profit. This created an issue for many startups, as they were finding it difficult to maintain the same profits as their competition.

The introduction of the term 'Local Digital Marketing' was an eye-opener for countless startup companies and local businesses. This digital marketing strategy was well worth the investment as it allowed businesses to focus more on their local target audience, and increase their profits. Many startups found that focusing on local consumers can be more profitable than aiming for the global. This started affecting the market share of big brands within the local market, especially multi-location businesses, leading to many businesses altering their approach to a local digital marketing strategy.

What were the reasons that these businesses decided on local digital marketing? According to a survey conducted for this study, here are The Top 3 Reasons Digital Marketing is Going Local:

  1. Consumers Prefer to Buy Locally

    97% of all consumers use online media to do research before making any purchases. When consumers look to make a purchase, they want to buy from a trusted seller, often preferring someone that is connected to their geographical location. This makes them feel as though they are buying from a trusted source and even provides them with a higher sense of community. Localizing your digital marketing strategy can help your business become more engaged with your target market and local clients.

  2. Tailored Approach for Each Local Market

    Each local market is unique to their clientele, whether varying products based on seasonal demands, requiring certain services specific to that region, etc. In order to be more successful, businesses need to relate and match promotions, campaigns, and content to the needs of each local market and how they vary. Successful companies are using local digital marketing services like localized websites, personalized emails, relevant social media and direct mail to make a real impact on the local market in the most efficient way possible.

  3. Local Digital Marketing Strategy Gives Preferred Visibility

    Search engines are in the business of providing users with exactly what they are looking for; people want to connect with local businesses nearest to their location. Companies like Bing, Google, and Facebook are focusing on showing individuals localized search results. Thus, small businesses with local relevance proved to be more popular than national sites when consumers searched for specific items in their region. This is especially important in our current society, as individuals are using their smart-phones to search for items nearby; with location awareness, smart-phones have the ability to pick up on the closest goods and services within the radius of that consumer.

    Considering the increase in global vs. local competition, businesses who have not adopted the local digital marketing strategy need to become more proactive.

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Sam is the president at Lore Digital Marketing focused on growth strategies, brand building and inbound marketing excellence for clients across industries. He is HubSpot certified inbound marketer, business leader, and MarTech adviser. Sam is passionate about developing and implementing strategies using effective marketing tools that impact marketing & sales, improve ROI and create inspiring brands.